November 27-December 3: Light Your World With Hope

Sunday 2 - Center yourself in a quiet stillness that sustains your hope.

Monday 28 - Expand your hope by focusing on the light—even in the midst of dark times.

Tuesday 29 - Choose to notice even small signs of hope that can help to transform any despair.

Wednesday 30 - Walk by faith, not by sight. Be hopeful that everything can support your Highest Good.

Thursday 1 - Create a hopeful outlook by naming and releasing one of your fears today.

Friday 2 - Cultivate hope by deepening your belief to trust: I am “enough.”

Saturday 3 - Hope for the best. At the same time, release any expectations about specific outcome

December 4-10: Light Your World With Peace

Sunday 4 - Peace begins within. Ground yourself with deep breathing to radiate peace.

Monday 5 - Instead of judging others, be the peace and change you wish to see in them.

Tuesday 6 - On this Feast of St. Nicholas, be generous in your thoughts and actions towards others.

Wednesday 7 - Listen, identify, and respond to the underlying needs and desires that fuel most conflicts.

Thursday 8 - Honor this Bodhi Day of Mahayana—or Buddha’s Enlightenment by expanding your capacity to respond vs. react.

Friday 9 - Explore ways to find mutually satisfying solutions to resolve problems.

Saturday 10 - Be patient with yourself and others as you deepen new skills of being an effective peacemaker.

December 11-17: Light Your World With Joy

Sunday 11 - Happiness is fleeting. Deepen your joy by fully living in the present.

Monday 12 - Joyfully support the poor and homeless on this feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Tuesday 13 - Increase joy by giving the gift of being a compassionate listener today to someone you know.

Wednesday 14 - Expand your joy by accepting and working with whatever is happening.

Thursday 15 - Enjoy more satisfaction with life by focusing on your progress—not perfection.

Friday 16 - Give thanks for all things. An attitude of gratitude increases your joy.

Saturday 17 - Imagine joyful “What ifs?” Make one decision today to turn a dream into reality.

December 18-24: Light Your World With Love

Sunday 18 - As Hanukkah begins, be God’s light warming our world with love.

Monday 19 - Express love by being kind today to a stranger or someone you dislike.

Tuesday 20 - Demonstrate compassion towards yourself and others.

Wednesday 21 - In the darkness of Winter Solstice, ignite your inner Yule Log Fire by demonstrating loving kindness.

Thursday 22 - Include someone who feels left out and lonely within your circle of love.

Friday 23 - Be the pencil in the hand of God writing a love letter to the world.

Saturday 24 - Enjoy the Christmas Spirit by loving the Divine within you and in others.

December 25-January 1: Light Your World With Service

Sunday 25 - Celebrate Christmas and the end of Hanukkah by unwrapping your unique gift to serve the world.

Monday 26 - Observe the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa by promoting the 1st Principle of Unity in your family, community, nation, and in the world.

Tuesday 27 - Express the 2nd Principle of Self-Determination by speaking up for yourself and expressing whomever you have come here to be.

Wednesday 28 - Solve community problems with the 3rd Principle: Increase Collective Work & Responsibility.

Thursday 29 - Think globally; act locally to respect the 4th Principle of Cooperative Economics. Support policies of just wages.

Friday 30 - Live your unique and Sacred Purpose—the 5th Principle, by serving the larger community.

Saturday 31 - Release your Creativity—the 6th Principle, by contributing your original thinking and approach to whatever you do.

Sunday 1 - Deepen Your Faith—the 7th Principle of Kwanzaa.