A Peek Inside Susie's Book ... Why Don't You Understand?

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Preface *
Chapter 1 - Strengthen Your Parenting with a Whole Brain®Approach
Chapter 2 - Support Happier Children with Peaceful Parents
Chapter 3* - Use Four Styles to Teach Discipline and Life Skills
Chapter 4* - Explore How Your Child Learns Best
Chapter 5 - Speak So Others Will Understand You
Chapter 6 - Make Decisions to Strengthen Your Relationships
Chapter 7* - Respect How Each Thinking Style Manages Stress
Chapter 8 - Nurture Effective Family Communication
Chapter 9 - Celebrate Diversity
Appendix  - Brain Research


Praise from Professionals:

"Just a quick note to tell you how impressed Jim and I are with your book. We've both read it, and both very much enjoyed it. Even though this is our first introduction to the specific model that you teach, it's very much in keeping with the models and concepts that we are familiar with.

I like the model. (Of course we had fun typing ourselves – you probably figured that I'm Practical and Jim's Relational.) We both were struck by how well you laid out the book, with a conversation between two types at the beginning of each chapter and "Reminders" and "Using what you've learned" at the end of each chapter.

You have reason to be proud of what you created with this book, Susie. I have no doubt that you're also a fabulous teacher of the method!"

----Jim and Linda Brooks, Certified Leaders of A Couples Weekend and Facilitators of Shadow Work®

“Weller’s explanation of the four thinking styles is an important new tool in helping us understand each other.” 
----Michael Gurian, author of Boys and Girls Learn Differently

“The most important role in our lives—and the one we’re least prepared for—is parenting.  Susie Weller has written the ultimate Whole Brain® parenting guide that addresses the many challenges we face. . . Read it today—I guarantee you will gain insight [whether you are] a child, spouse, sibling or parent.”   ----Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, CEO, Herrmann International

“At last, a book that is of real, practical help to parents, teachers and children. . . .Makes the latest research findings both accessible and readable.”  ----Carolyn May, Yale College , Wrexham, Wales , United Kingdom

Praise from Parents:

“This book has something for everyone: all strengths, all challenges are covered.”---Catherine

“Provides an excellent alternative to traditional parenting techniques.”---Tom & Nadia

“I’d recommend this book to parents and adults who are re-evaluating their lives.”---Alyssa